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    Default Sonal Parihar and Aarya DharamChand Kumar to feature in Savdhan India

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    Actors Sonal Parihar and Aarya Dharmchand Kumar will feature in an upcoming story of Life OKs Savdhan India. The episodic produced by Keylight Productions will deal with a hospital set-up.

    Sonal will play the central character of a nurse by name Radhika who would be in love with a doctor at the same hospital where she would be working. Both of them would be on the verge of marrying, when Radhika would go missing all of a sudden.

    The story will then focus on what exactly happened to Radhika. The investigations will reveal some shocking truths about Radhika and the hospital she would be working in.

    Aarya Dharmchand Kumar who is presently seen in Epic TVs Dharamkshetra will play the senior doctor in the hospital. He would be the ex-lover of Radhika, with whom Radhika would have parted ways in an unceremonious way.

    The major suspects to Radhika going missing will be the two men who have been in her life.

    Will Radhika be found?

    We hear that this episodic story of Savdhan India will be different, as it will have less of crime in it, but will be built up on huge drama.

    When contacted, Sonal told us, Yes, this is a very interesting Marathi character I am playing. She is a nurse, very responsible and loved by one and all.

    Aarya when contacted, confirmed his presence in the episodic.



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