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    Default Shiju Kataria and Naina Singh in Life OK's Savdhan India

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    Relatives turning murderers have become a common sight of late with brothers slitting each otherís necks for property matters and parents ending lives of their children in the name of honour. A sorry state of affairs indeed hence TV shows like Life OKís Savdhan India have taken the onus of projecting these dreaded crimes on the celluloid to create awareness among masses.

    The upcoming story would be of two sisters who would be inseparable. They will even share bed with the same man before things would go wrong and one would kill the other.

    What would lead to this hideous crime? Read onÖ

    Dowry and good looks are an issue that every Indian girl faces. If the girl is not good looking her family is left with no option but to pay the groomís side huge amount of money to accept their not so pretty looking daughter. A similar issue would lead to enmity between sisters named Meenakshi and Shweta. The characters are being essayed by Shiju Kataria of Behenein fame and Naina Singh respectively.

    Meenakshi the good looking one of the two sisters will get married but Shweta wouldnít because of her not-so-charming look. Defeated by her sisterís fate Meenakshi would decide on getting her married to her own husband but that will lead to a crime.

    And why and how Shweta will kill Meenakshi is something for the viewers to watch.

    When contacted Shiju she confirmed the same and said, "I essay a Maharashtrian character for the first time ever and this is also the first time when I would the victim."

    Naina remained unavailable.

    The shooting for the same is on and it will air sometime next week.

    We will keep updating you on more.



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