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    Default Shavez Khan, Anshul Singh and Damini Joshi in an episodic of Savdhan India

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    Franklin Pictures Pvt. Ltd will soon roll out an interesting episode based on child killing and torture in Life OKís Savdhan India.

    The episode shot in Uttar Pradesh will feature the good looking Shavez Khan along with Anshul Singh (Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke) and Damini Joshi, who has been seen in Gumrah and Haunted Nights.

    The story which will telecast on 27 September will introduce Sunil (Anshul Singh) being in love with Shweta (Damini Joshi). The two would elope and get married. Shweta will further not be accepted by Sunilís father. In a malicious ploy Shweta would be said to be an adolescent not eligible for marriage. All her identity documents would be destroyed.

    An enraged Shweta and her brother, Deepak (Shavez Khan) will then successfully gather the proof of her being eligible for marriage along with the certificate of marriage and will thereby be accepted in Sunilís house. Not only that, she will also give birth to a sweet baby girl.

    While the viewers will think that they will now live a happy married life, there would await another twist to the story.

    A credible source informs us that Sunil and Shweta will give birth to a child who will be murdered.

    By whom?

    Keep guessing!!!

    We contacted Shavez Khan who stated, ďIt was wonderful to shoot with Franklin Pictures in Uttar Pradesh. I like doing episodics as they are engaging and very interesting in terms of concept and stories.Ē

    Anshul and Damini remained unavailable for comment.



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