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    Default Ridheema Tiwari shares her experience shooting for Life OK's Savdhan India

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    The good looking Ridheema Tiwari, who of late has been earning fame playing negative characters in shows such as Love Marriage Vs Arranged Marriage and Do Dil Ek Jaan, is quite kicked about her cameo appearance in an upcoming maha movie episode of Life OK’s Savdhan India.

    “I play a Dalit girl. She had sacrificed lot for her brother who goes on to commit suicide. How she then fights for his case forms the crux of the plot,” shared Ridheema.

    “It was very tough for unlike your daily show format where over the top acting and glamorous clothes help to create characters, here I had to under play for I was representing a real life person. I would imagine had I been in her place, how would I have behaved. I also wore very simple clothes as lower caste people really don’t have many resources.”

    “The schedule was taxing as we were shooting a lot, canning as many as 14 scenes a day. Normally we don’t shoot so much. But I guess my hard work has paid off for at the end of the day my director was happy with the output.”

    Ridheema would love to do more cameos as they offer you different stuff to do.

    “Looking ahead I would like to take up a daily show which offers me something challenging. I am getting many offers but most are in the same vamp space. I have no issue doing them as well, but I would be happier if can push the envelope,” she ended.



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