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    Default Riddhima Tewary and Sonal Parihar in Life OK's Savdhan India

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    Actors Riddhima Tewary and Sonal Parihar will be featuring in an upcoming episode of Life OK's Savdhan India. The episodic will be produced by Keylight Productions.

    The story will highlight the high levels of oneís belief in superstitious. The crux of the tale will focus on a family having two daughter-in-laws, the elder one a widow played by Riddhima Tewary and the younger one, played by Sonal Parihar.

    The high belief of the family in a particular baba would prompt all in the family to believe about a death threat looming large on Sonalís son, for which he would have to be kept inside the house. However, the mother will not believe in such superstitious beliefs and the whole family will oppose her. This will be when the elder daughter-in-law essayed by Riddhima would support and side the younger bahu.

    However, when Sonal's character would go out with her son, the kid would meet with an accident and die. This will somewhere down the line prompt the otherwise educated mother to believe in superstitions.

    When contacted, Sonal said, "This is an interesting role, as I had to be part of a stunt sequence which was an accident scene. The story is all about superstitions."

    Riddhima told us, "I play a widow, a simple saree-clad lady who is pushed to a corner of the house with her daughters as she is a widow. However she will be very supportive towards her devrani. It has an interesting story line with quite a lot of twists."

    The role of the mother-in-law who would hold a lot of belief in the baba is being played by Bhairavi Vaidya.

    Watch this episode very soon in Savdhan India.



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