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    Default A pregnant lady is denied human rights on tonight's Savdhan India

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    About 29.8% of the Indian population as per the 2010 survey lives below the poverty line. The government entitles the poorest of the poor in India many benefits, one of them being treatment for free or at nominal rates at hospitals with government assistance. Are the ailing poor being able to avail of these benefits? Sometimes not, it seems.

    Tonight’s (6 May 2013) episode of Life OK’s Savdhan India (Saregama India Ltd) is about a pregnant woman in labour who went from hospital to hospital for the birth of her child but was cruelly refused child birth assistance repeatedly. Our source informed us that the baby died in her womb. Though the lady was below poverty line, she didn’t have with her the ‘below poverty line card’ which is why she wasn’t admitted to any hospital. Her sister was carrying the ‘below the poverty line card’ though which the hospitals dismissed as not being substantial proof for her financial condition. Sachin Mohite, Creative Director of Saregama India Ltd told us, “The question raised here is if human rights is more important or the ‘beyond the poverty line card’?”

    This is a burning debate topic which is tearing the nation apart. It will be interesting to see Savdhan India’s take on this. For more updates on the show please keep watching this space.



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