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    Default A miscarriage theme with a twist in the tale on Savdhan India

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    When you think of a miscarriage plot on a TV soap, you are likely to expect melodramatic sequences which may end with the doctor saying, “You won’t be able to be a mother ever again.” After a few episodes this may be reversed with the woman getting miraculously cured to be able conceive again. Else surrogacy may be explored or the family will adopt a baby.

    Whereas it is true that some cases of miscarriages may indicate that the mother can’t give birth to a healthy full term baby and that surrogacy and adoption are ways in which one can complete the family; the depiction of miscarriages on soaps is usually a deviation from what happens exactly when a woman undergoes a miscarriage in real life.

    On a crime series like Life OK’s Savdhan India (Saregama India Ltd) a miscarriage theme will however be explored in minute realistic details. Sachin Mohite, Creative Director of Saregama India Ltd, updated his Facebook status today (10 April 2013), “A girl goes thru 3 miscarriages one after d other, what's d MYSTERY behind this - Savdhan India tonight 10.30 pm on Life Ok.” Our source added that there would be a ‘shocking twist’ at the end of the episode.

    Sachin added, “We live in the 21st century which has brought a lot of progress in us human beings but has also brought a lot of selfishness which spoils human relationships and creates shocking stories like these.”

    For more updates on the show keep watching this space.



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