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    Default Male viewers love crime stories which is why they are on the rise - Vinod Tharani

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    Vinod Tharani, who is the founder and acting coach at Midas Touch Acting & Dance Studio is a multi-talented gentleman. He can act, direct and write.

    We met him while he was acting in a Savdhan India (Saregama India Ltd) episode which is aired on Life OK. He himself had penned that particular episode and had chosen to play the villain in it. He currently writes episodes for Savdhan India. Excerpts from his interviewÖ

    For how long have you been writing?

    I have been writing for the past three years. I have written a film script which I intend to direct. I am both an actor and an acting coach. I have taught the likes of Deepika Padukone, Jacqueline Fernandez, Amy Jackson, Zoa Morani etc. I want to switch to direction. I am assisting Sudhir Misra for his upcoming film Mehrunissa.

    Please tell me about your acting studio.

    I have an acting studio called Midas Touch Acting & Dance Studio where I teach actors. I have trained models with casting and modeling agencies like Elite, Kwan and Toab. Though my acting studio is three years old, I have been into acting training for the last 12 years.

    Please share your experience of working on Savdhan India.

    It has been a wonderful experience working for Savdhan India. It is a show with a proper beginning and ending. I donít want to write soaps. Basically the Savdhan India stories are character driven. I like writing these stories because of their characters. Every now and then I create new characters, which is very challenging.

    What made you want to venture into writing?

    As an actor, acting coach and theatre director; I can visualise things very well. I teach actors about different characters. The story is same but the situation could be differ. The situation is interesting because of the interesting characters involved. I love to create such characters. That is the point when I start writing.
    You act, direct and write. What do you enjoy doing the most?
    I like every department which is linked to creativity. I am a singer as well. I can write, act and can direct. Eventually I want to become a director.

    What kind of shows will you never write?

    I donít believe in doing saas bahu daily soaps. I do not feel like writing them. I like writing stories related to fear, adventure and thrill.

    What kind of characters do you like to play?

    I enjoy playing grey characters. There are a lot of dimensions in these characters. These are not goody goody ones. Here you can perform with your full ability as there are many dimensions in them.

    Of all the Savdhan India episodes that you have written which story was the closest to your heart?

    My favourite episode in Mun Munís brothel story which is based in Kolkata. It is about a girl getting murdered in a brothel.

    Do you think that criminals are born or are they made?

    Criminals arenít born. They are made. We have to rectify our legal system. Sometimes people commit crimes as they want to come out of the system but canít do so.

    Sometimes when a person knows that he has to struggle a lot to come out of a messy situation he chooses the easy way out- the way of crime. Our judiciary system metes out punishment but does nothing to reform the criminal. We need to teach criminals on how to embark on the legal path.

    What kind of viewersí feedback are you getting for Savdhan India?

    The viewers are loving Savdhan India. They are liking to watch new stories and characters. Many people in India get to know of crimes like these just through us. Our show is educating them on the law.

    Why are crime shows on the rise?

    Previously only women were regarded as the viewers of soaps. Male viewers love crime stories which is why they are on the rise.



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