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    Default Kunal Bakshi, Sonal Parihar and Tarul Swami in 'Delhi Fights Back' series of Savdhan India

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    Keylight Productions is presently shooting in Delhi for the ‘Delhi Fights Back’ series of Life OK’s Savdhan India. In an interesting and gripping storyline, Kunal Bakshi, Sonal Parihar and Tarul Swami will be seen playing important roles.

    The story which would appear simple and predictable to the viewers will have a shocking climax, nicely intertwined with the main plot. The story will be about a couple Varun (Tarul) and Shilpa (Sonal) living happily with their son. Their life would be rocked by an incident wherein their son would almost get caught in an accident. However, the good guy Sanjay (Kunal Bakshi) would be the family’s saviour, helping them out in the hour of need. Soon, Sanjay’s status in the family would get elevated with him getting all the love and respect from the family.

    The story would talk of the very simple Indian mentality wherein a person would be really grateful and indebted to a man who helpin times of need. This gratitude to the saviour will cloud all thoughts of the man’s identity, and would stop people from thinking about the man’s link to the unexpected happenings that have wrecked his life.

    In this story, Kunal Bakshi will play a completely negative character, that of a con man who plot and plan to get into the good books of families in order to cheat them and kill them for money. Titled Shootout, the story will have some amazing twists. It will also trace the journey of the modern, independent woman in the house who get ever ready to help her husband from any kind of danger.

    When contacted, Sonal said, “This is an amazing story, which has been written very well. Viewers will enjoy watching this episode. We are presently shooting for this story in Delhi at some real locations, which will make the episode visually beautiful.”

    Kunal too confirmed that he is playing a very mean and negative character in the story.

    We could not get through to Tarul till the time of filing the article.

    Watch this sensational story in Savdhan India.



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