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    Default A girl tries to rise in power in a crooked way on Life OK's Savdhan India

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    Being highly ambitious is good but to climb up the ladder of power fraudulently is wrong. Tomorrow’s (27 July 2013) Savdhan India’s (Saregamapa Ltd) maha movie will be the story of a girl from a non-political background who unknowingly marries the son of a gangster. The innocent girl then sadly goes down the illegal path of misusing the power of her father-in-law to rise in politics.

    This is Saregamapa’s fourth maha movie for the series. This film has been directed by Punit G Gandhi.
    Sachin Mohite, the Creative Director of Saregamapa Ltd said, “Each maha movie of ours has a different flavour- one was located on the train, the second was on rebirth, the third on an international smuggler and the fourth is on the illegal use of power.”

    Stay tuned for more updates on the series.



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