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    Default A girl puts her kidnapper behind the bars in Life OKs Savdhan India

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    If someone you love, doesnt feel the same way for you, ideally you should back off. Some obsessed lovers turn stalkers instead. In an upcoming episode of Life OKs Savdhan India India Fights Back (Baba Arts), a roadside Romeo enacted by Amit Dua will fall head over heels in love with a pretty college going girl played by Ruchi Savarn.

    The unrequited lover goes far more than just stalking the girl. He not only starts harassing her but kidnaps and tortures her. He like most insanely zealous lovers, falls in love with her at first sight, so awed he is by her looks. He ties her up after kidnapping her and dresses her hair and applies makeup on her, so besotted he is by her beauty.

    Our source informed us that in the scene in which Ruchi was to try out bangles which as per the plot injures her hand; she had accidentally cut herself to the extent that she started bleeding. The creative team got a realistic shot and didnt have to use artificial blood at all. In the scene the maniac lover starts beating the bangle seller when the object of her affection inadvertently cuts herself.

    This episode was shot in Wai in Mumbai for a rural feel to be etched out in the final product. I have been a part of this intriguing episode from the first to the last frame, said Ruchi.

    The girl fights back and puts the miscreant behind the bars. Usually women change or quit their jobs or maybe move out of their locality when they are harassed by stalkers. Kudos to the brave girl that she put the criminal in prison- the very place he is meant to be in. This story will be aired in the upcoming week.



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