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    Default Dincy Vira and Raquel Rebello in Life OK's Savdhan India

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    All along the stories of Saregama India Ltd’s Savdhan India have been very captivating.

    Now, the production house’s 100th episode for Savdhan India would be one that would deal with jealousy.

    The story will revolve around two female friends, Neha and Vinny. The role of Neha will be essayed by Dincy Vira of Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Kam fame. She will be extremely jealous of her best friend Vinny, played by Raquel Rebello.

    Neha will dislike the instant liking that everyone will develop for Vinny. However, Vinny’s boyfriend Animesh’s (newbie) entry will turn Neha’s jealously into a crime.

    Accidentally, Neha will end up falling in love with Animesh and in her bid to drive his attention towards her, she will start aping Vinny. However she will fail in her attempt and go to the extent of posting nude pictures of her best friend Vinny online.

    What would happen next is for the viewers to wait and watch.

    When we contacted Dincy, she confirmed the same and said, “I have been a part of Saregama since a long time and working with them makes me feel a lot comfortable. It’s like family.”

    Raquel remained out of reach.

    On the occasion of their 100th shoot, director Punit Gandhi too expressed his happiness. He averred, “Since 2013 I have been a part of Savdhan India and I’ve enjoyed this journey especially with Saregama.”

    On the other hand, supervising producer Mohd Shameem Faridi said, “I am extremely happy with our achievement. Saregama is the best production house and I’d like to be a part of it till the end.”

    Keep up the good work team Saregama.



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