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    Default Cheshta Mehta to feature in Life OKs Savdhan India

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    Politicians often dish out obnoxious and improbable comments pertaining to rape and molestation against women. Many blame the style of dressing as the cause of rapes.

    The situation is grim and level of uncertainty is high, yet with hope and good people still being around, there is a silver lining.

    Life OKs impressive and impactful show, Savdhan India, will deal with a case of atrocity against woman in its coming episode.

    From the stables of Saregama India Ltd, the upcoming story will be about a rebellious girl named Shilpa who will want freedom in life but she will always be surrounded by her over possessive parents and an elder sister named Yogita.

    Soon, Shilpa will bag a job in her fathers company where everyone will treat her like a kid.

    In a few weeks time, Shilpa will be invited for a meeting where she will be intoxicated and raped a couple of times by white collared hooligans. On regaining her conscious she will call her elder sister and the two will try getting back to the culprits.

    The role of the protagonist Shilpa will be essayed by Cheshta Mehta, who is currently a part of Life OKs Baawre, and Yogita will be essayed by Sharan Kaur.

    Chesta said in confirmation, I can relate a lot with this character for we have similar behaviour patterns. Apart from that the story of this particular episode revolves around me and what else can one ask for.

    Whether Shilpa will succeed in locating the criminals or not is something for the viewers to wait and watch.



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