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    Default Ankit Mohan's power-packed role in Life OK's Savdhan India

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    Want to recapture the pot-boiling revenge drama that was seen in the movie Ishaqzaade on television? Well, then you will have to watch the upcoming episode of Life OK’s Savdhan India featuring Ankit Mohan and Vimmy Bhatt in central roles.

    Amar and Sontara (essayed by Ankit and Vimmy), the leads in the story are from the same college, but their families share an enmity owing to political reasons. Starting from the scene where Sontara pokes a knife into Amar’s thighs, to the point where Amar in a fit of rage raises his gun to shoot the girl, the story will have quite a lot of dramatic high points. After all the drama, the duo falls in love and decides to go against their families. But destiny plays its game when Sontara loses her vision due to the cruelty of her father, but Amar continues to be her sole support. The story will spread a message to masses about how the society is against inter-caste marriage, and how Amar and Sontara after all their deadly struggles escape and prove that love stands above all.

    When contacted, Ankit told us, “This will be an amazing episode in Savdhan India, wherein the story is similar to that of Ishaqzaade, but one note above in everything. Being a stunt lover from the days of Roadies, I have done it all here - lot of gun shots, running in the jungles, in water, on tracks – I have put in my 200 percent in the adventure and stunt sequences. I take this opportunity to thank my friend Nisha Boridkar who is the creative of this show who had full faith in me to offer this power-packed character.”

    See it to believe the daring stunts in this episode of Savdhan India.



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