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    Default When Amit 'hero' Dolawat faced his real 'Savdhan India' moment

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    Yesterday, we had carried a story on actor Amit Dolawat shooting for an episodic of Life OK’s Savdhan India in Delhi. The story which would focus on power, greed and betrayal will have Parakh Madan giving company to Amit. The episodic is being produced by Keylight Productions.

    Well, soon after Amit wrapped up shoot for this story of Savdhan India, the young lad decided to travel back to Mumbai in the Rajdhani Express. Aah, little did Amit know that he would encounter a real ‘Savdhan India’ moment during this train journey.

    Yes, that’s what exactly happened!! While he was seated on his berth trying to get some rest after a hectic shooting schedule, Amit noticed that there was a guy seated nearby who was in a completely drunk state. He was trying to misbehave with the co-passengers, and also used foul language and threatened them. Amit immediately jumped to the scene and requested the person to calm down. However, the man being in an inebriated state intended only to create tension for co-passengers.

    Amit then tried to bring this to the notice of the TC (Ticket Collector) and other officials inside the train. He also tried hard to convince the officials to get the person off the train on the charge of drunken travelling and misbehaviour. However, before any action could be taken, the man started making frantic calls to few people in Surat, asking for help to beat a person black and blue. He also threatened Amit that his men would take severe action against him, if he tried to do him any harm. However, Amit did not budge and requested the officials to take action against him.

    Finally, justice was got when the guy was arrested by the cops in Ratlaam Station, and taken into custody after being booked for being drunk and for his abusive behaviour.

    Here is the complaint letter written by Amit Dolawat against the misbehaviour of the man. Amit was supported in the cause by 3-4 co-passengers who also voiced their opinion about the man’s misbehaviour by signing in the complaint note. The second letter here refers to the action taken by the railway officer in return to Amit’s complaint (check pic above).

    When contacted, Amit Dolawat told us, “Yes, it is true that I faced my shocking Savdhan moment on the train. The guy was very annoying, shouting in foul language, misbehaving with people seated. The man was in a complete drunken state, not able to control himself. Initially, even the railway officers refused to take action as the man started to make calls to get us beaten. But ultimately, action was taken, and the man was asked to get down the train at Ratlaam Station. He was arrested by the cops on charge of misbehaviour and for travelling in a drunken state.”

    Amit went on to add, “It is always important to help people around you. And when I saw this man troubling people inside the train, I really wanted to do something to stop the man from being even more abusive.”

    Job well done, Amit!!



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