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    Default Amit Dolawat and Parakh Madan to feature in Life OK's Savdhan India

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    Life OK’s Savdhan India would air a special episode shot in Delhi which will delve on ‘power’, ‘greed’ and ‘betrayal’. The particular episodic is produced by Keylight Productions.

    The story will revolve around the happy life of a couple, essayed by Amit Dolawat and Parakh Madan. The girl who would belong to a political background, would have gone against her father in marrying
    a simple guy by name Karan (Amit Dolawat).

    Amit’s character will be multi-layered with the man showing shades of innocence, temptations, instability, guilt and also of an opportunist.

    The happy married life of Karan and Aparna (Parakh) will be shattered when Karan would get into a game of ‘Truth and Dare’ with his friends, in which he will be forced to get into a game of wife swapping. However, the twist here would be that the swap will not happen both ways. While Karan would spend a night with his friend’s wife, his wife Aparna will not be forced to spend a night with Karan’s friend. This will lead to quite a lot of complications, and will unmask the various shades in Karan.

    We hear that Amit Dolawat was involved in a steamy bed sequence with a lesser known Delhi actress, who played the other person’s wife who got to spend a night with Amit’s character. The unit shot at various locales in the farm houses in Delhi.

    Another interesting aspect of this episodic will be that it will be hosted by the Bhojpuri icon, Manoj Tiwari.

    When contacted, Amit told us, “Yes, I recently shot for an episodic of Savdhan for Keylight. I was initially very apprehensive of taking up the role. However, I ended up taking it as it was different, and my gut feeling proved right. This has turned out to be a strong and interesting role.”

    Parakh Madan who plays a politician’s daughter married to a simpleton said, “I play a typical Delhi girl who is very independent, outgoing, simple and a girl-next-door, except that the girl here happens to be a politician’s daughter. This story is based on power, greed and betrayal. It has an interesting story line.”

    This particular episodic will be on air on 23 August.



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