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    Default Satyamev Jayate 2 - To be a point of discussion yet again?

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    This show definitely is an eye opener for the viewers as it has taken pain staking efforts to display the pros and cons of our system when it comes to handling sensitive and brutal crimes.

    Satyamev Jayate 2

    Sunday 11 am on Star Plus

    Producer- Aamir Khan Productions

    Cast- Aamir Khan

    What's it all about -

    Satyamev Jayate hosted by popular Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan highlights sensitive social issues which are prevalent in India such as female foeticides, child sexual abuse, dowry, medical malpractice, honor killings, insensitivity towards the physically disabled, domestic violence, overuse of pesticide poisoning, alcoholism, untouchability, plight of senior citizens, water crisis, etc.

    What we like -

    Don't know whether we should say that we like this but yes, the season 2 is just like season 1... it makes an impact since it is highly emotional. You almost cringe and can feel your hair stand on ends when you hear the victims and those who are affected by the incidents talk about the trauma and the loss they have to face every day. The back ground score accompanying the narration matches the mood of the show.

    It is also noteworthy that victims come out and speak about it and even though we see many of the faces blurred it is commendable to see them speak with courage and conviction as they vent out their emotions which might be good from the psychological point of view, doing them good as they find a way to release at least a bit of their feelings as they relieve the experience.

    What we don't like -

    Talking about the first episode which was on rape but it seemed to be focused more on gang rape rather than other rapes which are a reality in the society today. There is other type of rapes too, like marital rape, rape within the four walls of a house when the perpetrator is someone within the family leading to incestuous rape. The fact that the rapist is not a stranger always and can be the husband, father, brother, uncle or any other relative of the girl was totally ignored and the focus was only on the system and law and order while dealing with a rape case instead of giving an all-round view of how and why do rapes occur and how and why we as a society need to take steps to uproot it in totality. If not in in one episode, the show could have had a second episode which could have addressed this issue rather than avoid it completely.

    Aamir Khan's reactions sometimes look practiced and while it is commendable that as a host he gets the victims to talk about their anguish, he looks very ready and poised as the talk show host who has to give reactions at particular points. His reactions showing shock, grief look rehearsed and just like forced laughter from an audience, an induced reaction too looks odd since the cases discussed and the tragedy of the situation hits you even without getting to see Aamir Khan react to it before you do.

    Our take -

    All said and done, the highly anticipated Season 2 will be a talking point just like Season 1 as it will further address social issues but then after a point you get thinking as to what will all this achieve. It is ultimately just another show wanting to grab maximum TRPs whether it is with its star host status or the issues it will address.

    If a change is needed to be made and if that is what everyone is aiming at, then along with a research team the show needs to have a follow up team to review how the changes that are needed are effectively implemented and how do we make it happen... till then it is just a show that we will end up watching and getting affected by it every Sunday morning before we disconnect from it all as soon as we get into the rest of the chores of the day and the week ahead.



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