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    Default A positive Vihaan to turn into an angry young man in Satrangi Sasural!

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    Chaos in the family to create distance between Arushi and Vihaan...

    There is a lot of chaos between all the mothers upon the entry of a man in Zee Tv's Satrangi Sasural.

    We earlier witnessed how Gautam (Rakesh Kukreti) was introduced as Masi Maa's (Sheetal Thakkar) husband on the show.

    While Vihaan (Ravish Desai) and the other family members were disappointed and startled with his return in her life after years, Arushi (Mugdha Chaphekar) was left thinking what could be the reason behind the dismay.

    In the upcoming episodes, the audience will witness a complete change in Vihaan's attitude as an angry young man.

    Vihaan will be seen behaving extremely protective towards Masi Maa and will accuse him of physical abuse and malice towards her. He would try and keep him away fro Masi Maa as much as possible. On the flip side, Arushi will be seen taking Gautam's side and will try to justify the fact that he is now guilty and has come back for good.

    What's more! This will lead to another drama and a series of complications due to a difference of opinion created between Vihaan and Arushi.

    So will Gautam be accepted by the family members? Will Arushi be able to convince them?

    We contacted actor Ravish Desai who stated, "With Gautam's entry in our lives, we all have been left startled. What happens next is for us to know and you to find out!"

    Stay tuned to watch the fun filled episodes throughout the week!!!



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