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    Default Grah Pravesh drama on Zee TV's Satrangi Sasural!

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    Viewers shall witness Aarushi coming to her in-laws place to meet Vihaan in the upcoming episode of Zee TV's Satrangi Sasural.

    24 Frames' popular show Satrangi Sausural on Zee TV, is climbing the ladder of success iwth its unique concept and the recent marriage track.

    As per the ongoing episode, Vihaan's (Ravish Desai) mothers are not ready at accept Aarushi (Mugdha Chaphekar) in their family and want Vihaan to take a divorce from her. On the other side, Vihaan and Aarushi are trying their best to convince the mothers but all their efforts go in vain.

    Soon a high voltage drama will be seen in the upcoming episodes -

    As per our source, "Vihaan will fall sick and when doctor will diagnose him, everyone will get to know that he is suffering from Swin Flu. Doctor will tell all the mothers not to go to Vihaan's room as the disease is contagious. But Narmada will not agree and insists that she will take care of her son."

    "On the other hand, Manohar will call Aarushi and tell her about Vihaan's health. Thus, Aarushi will be worried and won't be able to control herself. She will rush to Vatsal house and for the first time enter her Sasural. There will be high voltage drama as all the mothers will stop her from entering the house and will restrain her from the meeting Vihaan. But Aarushi will break all the barriers and will go to Vihaan's room," adds our source.

    "She will take care of Vihaan which will develop a soft corner in the hearts of mothers because though the disease is contagious, yet she is not bothered about her health. When Vihaan will get come in the conscious state, he will be happy to see Aarushi beside him taking care of him," ends our source.

    Will the mothers accept Aarushi as their daughter-in-law?

    To know more keep reading this space!



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