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    Default I wish to work with Saif Ali Khan for a TV commercial: Dheeraj Dhoopar

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    It’s high time men made amendments in order to look prim and proper in terms of their dress and attire. The way you dress up speaks volumes about the person you are!!

    Well we have some fashion tips for Indian men to put on this summer, coming from our very own Dheeraj Dhoopar who plays Prem Bhardawaj in the soap serial Sasural Simar Ka airing on Colors.

    The versatile actor seems to be happy with his performance in the ongoing serial but doesn’t analyze it as his best performance. “I won’t say that this has been my best performance as it won’t do any justice to the other characters that I have played since I have put my heart and soul into them as well. This show gave me recognition, but every character has been a challenge to me. I play characters in my own very way,” said the aspiring actor.

    Dheeraj’s talent has not just been restricted to acting but he has also exhibited his acting credentials in many television commercials, that too with B-town actresses. However, he has his own little wish and aspiration. “I have shot for television commercials with many Indian Bollywood actresses. I have also shot with Madhuri Dixit for a commercial. But yes I have watched Ayan Mukherji’s Wake Up Sid and I’ve always wished to play that type of a role which Ranbir Kapoor played because I think such a type of a character suits me better. I would also wish to work with Saif Ali Khan for a television commercial.

    What about the on-screen competition that he faces with Siddhant Bhardawaj, essayed by Manish Raisinghani? “Not really. I haven’t faced any competition with my on screen brother Siddhant Bharadwaj. Along with his unique script, style of acting and expressing his emotions, he has his own character to carry in order to create an impact on the viewers. On the other hand I have my own role to take care of. Manish is an extremely talented actor and of course we are doing pretty well based on the response that we are getting. I have an ambition set in mind and I am working towards it. I am content, but not satisfied. I have played the role of every character, ranging from comedy to family drama.”

    Remember the quote ‘we accept the love we desire’! The actor’s thoughts are very similar to it. Have a look, “The two most important aspects of a healthy relationship are compatibility and understanding. If the two qualities are prevalent as customary in a relationship, then it is on the right track. Also my life partner should give me my space and freedom.”

    What about the speculations made about Vinny Arora? “I have been asked this question many times but I still have the same thing to say. We have worked together for our first show in Maat Pitah Ke Charno Mein Swarg and then we were close to each other as friends. We are still in contact but don’t really meet each other because of my tight working schedule. I think this was one of the prime reasons why media had made these speculations but I didn’t really react much to it.”

    The courteous actor does unfold some tracks of what will appear in the next episode of Sasural Simar Ka. “Well I can’t disclose much. I guess I am not allowed to (laughs). But all I can say is that Roli and Simar always come up with a solution and so this time as well they will certainly come up with a way out against Jwala Devi.” said he.

    As talented as he seems to be, he certainly has some hidden talents apart from acting. “Every person has a talent hidden somewhere and it suddenly comes into the picture. I can prepare hundred types of cocktails which I do quite often for my friends. They have tagged me as their favorite bartender. (Giggles) I am a fashion hunk type of a guy; I like to look well and have groomed where ever I go.”

    This is what he had to say when he was asked to shed some light on his fashion sense. “A man should always keep a close examination of the type of clothes he ought to buy and wear, most importantly the color and fit. Shirts shouldn’t be too tight if the man has a slender body. For every occasion you need to spend some time and select the right clothes for yourself in order to look presentable and charming. If one starts keeping a track of the same then one will look fit in terms of styling.”

    What bagged you the role of Prem, was it luck or hard work? “It has been the most amusing journey of my life. I think it’s a combination of luck and my hard work that has led me to this platform. I was a replacement for Shoaib Ibrahim and thus it was a challenge for me. As mentioned earlier I have taken up every role as a challenge.”

    He is proved to be a very ambitious and an aspiring actor. “As of now I just want to give my best as Prem Bharadwaj in Sasural Simar Ka. I look forward to acting in movies. I think the perfect timing and a spark of luck will take me there.”

    Well said, Dheeraj.



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