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    Default Veeru proposes Roli for marriage!

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    Veeru leaves Roli in a state of shock in Colors' Sasural Simar Ka...

    In the previous episodes of Colors' Sasural Simar Ka we have seen that Veeru and the entire Bhardwaj family removes Khushi from the house.

    However in the upcoming episode, we will see that Khushi is all tense and looking out for ways to reach out to Veeru in order to stay in the Bhardwaj house.

    On the other hand Veeru and Roli are on the terrace where he tries to get closer to Roli, but somehow she pushes him away and tells him that until their wedding he would not be allowed to go close to her. Veeru on hearing this keeps a marriage proposal in front of Roli. He tells her that two days later they would be their big day when they tie the knot.

    On hearing this, Roli has no time to think of ways to escape the situation.

    A helpless Roli approaches Simar and tells her about Veeru's marriage condition. This leaves Simar in shock too.

    To know what will happen next don't miss the next episode of 'Sasural Simar Ka'.



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