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    Default Theatre show Vagina Monologues completes 10 years!

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    We got in touch with Jayati Bhatia who is a part of the show, to share her feelings on completion of 10 years...

    The Vagina Monologues is the theatre show which is based on stories of women who belong to the unique group of people, who we call survivors. It brings about an awareness between the women. This masterpiece show has completed a long 10 years and it is an achievement in itself.

    On the same we got in touch with Jayati Bhatia who also is a part of the show as an actor who said, "It is a very proud moment for our entire team who is associated with the show. It is a milestone that we have achieved and I guess there is yet a very long way to go too. In the very start it was a controversial subject but than with the time it was accepted and appreciated by the people."

    Further she added saying, "It has been a remarkable journey so far. In 2003, when we started the show, it was rejected in various parts of our country namely Ahemdabad, Chennai and Lucknow, where we were not allowed to perform at all as people thought that the name of the show itself is bad and that it should be banned. But as I said before, today it is accepted and people celebrate their anniversary, birthdays, occasion by coming and watching our show which makes me feel very proud."

    "We can see the way our country has developed in these 10 years. Just where the name itself was a ban of the show we are now going all houseful. Now we are also going to Jaipur to perform, as they have been inviting us from quite some time to come there and conduct a show. It is overwhelming to get such a response from the people.The best part is that through our theatre show we have contributed around 1.5 a crores to an NGO. It is proud moment when we are able to help the needy."



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