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    Default "Sunday is a cheat day for me!" - Dheeraj Dhoopar

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    For Telly town actor Dheeraj Dhoopar aka Prem of Sasural Simar Ka; Sunday is a no restriction day when it comes to his diet plans.

    Tall and handsome actor Dheeraj Dhoopar, who is currently essaying the role of the main lead Prem in Colors daily Sasural Simar Ka shares about his Sunday special plans in conversation with us...

    Sunday is for... For an actor, a Sunday is the most unpredictable day of the week. But every week, I still have a hope that Sunday will be a holiday.

    On a Sunday, I get up at... If I have a shoot then I have to get up early for a 7 am shift but if it's a holiday, then I usually don't get up by 11:30 am.

    On a Sunday, I... keep myself lethargic till evening and then probably catch up with my friends for a movie and later plan out a dinner and spend quality time with them.

    The thing I love to do the most on a Sunday is... If it's a holiday then I love to go for a long drive.

    My Sunday special Khana... I'm committed to a healthy life-style in my usual working days. However, Sunday is a cheat day for me. If Sunday comes with a holiday, then I just go overboard with my favorite dishes cooked by my Mom. Even now, she pampers me with my most desired Rajma Chawal and Kheer.

    A perfect Sunday according to me is... a wonderful evening besides a beach with friends and red wine.

    My ideal Sunday destination... would surely be Lonavala. It is nearby too and it's heavenly during monsoons, especially when you go driving to the destination. The journey becomes more blissful when the weather falls in my favor and rains endlessly. The scenic beauty makes you feel so relaxed and in peace.

    My childhood memory related to Sunday... During my childhood time, Sunday had a different meaning in my life. It used to be the only day when we used to get a chance to go out with my family. Reminiscing the past, I still remember that once on a lazy Sunday my Dad pulled me for a surprise outing. Though I was in no mood to set out anywhere, but when I reached the final destination, a National Park, I was so amazed that it has been one of the best Sundays of my life. So I used to be very excited for Sundays, and even now I'm the same Dheeraj. I look forward to every Sunday with a lot of hopes.

    After Sunday comes Monday and... I believe there should be two holidays in a week, one on Sunday and the other on Monday. It's a universal fact that nobody likes to welcome a Monday, especially when you have to drag yourself for an early 7 am shift. Therefore, I have no great feelings for Monday.

    Plans for the weekend... Like I said, an actor's life is very unpredictable, so I don't really pre-plan for my weekend. I just make the fullest of whatever comes my way.



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