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    Default Simar to catch Khushi stealing jewellery in Sasural Simar Ka

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    The audience is appreciating the current drama in Colors’ Sasural Simar Ka that revolves around Khushi (Jyotsna Chandola) being a surrogate mother to Simar’s (Dipika Samson) child. And soon the plot will become more intense with Khushi attempting to steal jewellery from a Ganpati pandal.

    Yes…you guys read it right…

    As seen by viewers, Roli (Avika Gor) insisted on Khushi staying back home as she is expecting. However, in the upcoming episodes she will be seen going to the Ganpati pandal with her family.

    Our source tells us Khushi will not only visit the pandal but also steal the jewellery from the idol. She will do it heeding her boyfriend Veeru’s plan. Unfortunately, Simar will catch her red handed. In fact, she will also try confronting Khushi to know the name of the person who enticed her into the act but she will refuse to answer any of her queries. Later, Simar will snatch the stolen jewellery from Khushi and put it back in the pandal.

    Furthermore, back home someone will inform the family about Ganpati jewellery going missing which will create a big issue in the house. Now, one will have to wait and watch to fathom how Simar will handle the entire situation.

    We got in touch with Jyotsna to learn about the upcoming track and she said, “Khushi has been doing a lot of wrong things in the house. But you’ll have to wait and watch what she does next.”



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