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    Default Shweta Sinha warns...beware of prankster Manish Raisinghani

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    Manish Raisinghani seems to be a big prankster on the sets of Colors’ Sasural Simar Ka. The latest victim of his fun pranks is Shweta Sinha, who plays the fun character of Pari aka Miss Chandni Chowk in the soap.

    She shared with us, “Knowing Manish’s antics, we all cast members hide our cell phones behind cushions and pillow cases but somehow he finds them and changes our BlackBerry or Whatsapp statuses.”

    Here we would like to mention that we received a message from Shweta’s Blackberry phone saying “Call me.” And when we did call up Shweta, so did many others, she was left dumb-founded and perplexed as to why everyone was suddenly giving her a buzz.

    Later she found out that it was nobody else but Mr Prankster Manish who pulled the prank on her. Shweta here added, “Manish is also a great photographer and you will find interesting pictures on his Facebook account, but here too his naughtiness comes to the fore and he is always on the prowl to find someone who is taking a quick power nap on the set. And the moment Manish finds some unfortunate victim, he will immediately click him or her with his cell phone and post the pictures online.”

    She continued, “However, Manish is a thorough gentleman and never pulls below the belt stunts. He does not target only girls, everybody is open season for him. In a way, these kinds of fun and games are very important for we are constantly working and need distractions to bring a smile on our faces. Today’s prank also was sweet for many of my friends who I had not communicated for a while called me up and we got a chance to connect again.”

    Don’t you guys ever want to hit back? “Yes we have tried but he is too smart and never lets anyone come close to his phone or laptop, lest we return the favor with interest. But yes we have clicked pictures with the boxing punching bag in his room,” she ended.



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