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    Default Sasural Simar Ka's Simar and Prem to come closer this Holi

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    The festival of Holi is known to bring even the enemies together. And the coming episodes of Colorsí Sasural Simar Ka will play on that factor as Simar (Dipika Samson) and Prem (Shoaib Ibrahim) will once again come back together.

    In the earlier episodes, Prem had misunderstood Simarís intentions towards Roli during the whole courier episode where Mataji (Jayati Bhatia) had hid Roliís letter and the blame was put on Simar. And post this incident, Prem had stopped interacting with Simar. In fact, Simar had also hinted Mataji that Manoranjan Masi might be behind this, but she couldnít reveal the same to Prem as Mataji had asked her not to. But in the upcoming episodes, Prem will learn the truth.

    As per a reliable source, there will soon be a Holi celebration in the show during which Prem will learn about Simarís innocence from one of the family members. However, he will be unaware of the fact that it was Mataji who had hidden Roliís letter and had also asked Manoranjan Masi to pay the courier guy to put the blame on Simar. One will see Prem asking Simar for forgiveness and will get back with her.

    Media spoke to Shoaib Ibrahim aka Prem and this is what he said, ďThis will be an interesting sequence, however I canít reveal much about it.Ē



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