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    Default Roli finds out about Veeru not being her husband

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    Veeru tries to entangle Roli in a web of lies in Colors' Sasural Simar Ka...

    In Rashmi Sharma's popular daily soap Sasural Simar Ka on Colors, we will see that Roli(Avika Gor) learns about the fact that Veeru is not her husband and he had lied to her about the same.

    In the previous episodes of the show we had seen that every one at the Bhardwaj family thinks that Roli is dead. However, Roli is actually not dead and has lost her memory. Veeru has taken her to another destination, far away from the town.

    Now in the upcoming episode of the show we will see that Roli finds out the truth that she is not his wife and Veeru has fabricated information.

    Further we will see that she immediately seeks help from the police and tells them about Veeru. The cops support Roli and she threatens Veeru by saying that if he doesn't spell out the truth then the police will arrest him and put him in jail.

    Veeru senses trouble and quickly thinks of another plan to escape the situation. He makes a story and tells Roli, but she disagrees to it and doesn't believe it. Nonetheless he lies to her once again and tells us that he would take her to meet her parents and in-laws so that she believes him.

    To know what happens further don't miss to watch this interesting episode of Sasural Simar Ka.



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