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    Default Why is Roli being secretive in Sasural Simar Ka?

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    Viewers of Sasural Simar Ka can expect a new twist in the tale which will keep them hooked to the show...

    While the makers of Sasural Simar Ka on Colors are on their toes to bring twists and turn and captivate the viewers attention to the fullest, the upcoming episodes are loaded with a high voltage drama.

    Currently the track is revolving around the mystery that had happened before the leap stating that how come Siddhant's body goes missing from the ambulance and what is the secret that iRoli (Avika Gor) is hiding from the Bharajwaj family.

    The upcoming track will give a hint to the viewers.

    To know more read on -

    Our source says, "When the entire fighting sequence takes place in the past, Siddhant (Manish Raisinghan) kills himself with the Trishul. Rajbeer (Siddharth Vasudev) witnesses the entire happening. Thus, after Siddhant dies, Maya (Sara Khan) is shattered and tries to destroy her Naag Mani by throwing it in the fire. But Rajbeer stops her from doing the same by taking out the Naag Mani from the fire and as he had promised Maya that if she will help him, he will make Siddhant alive again with his power. This entire incident is narrated to Roli by Maya and in the course of time to get her Siddhant back; she agrees to help Maya and Rajbeer in their plan."

    "Roli hits Maya with the Trishul and she falls from the cliff but that was planned by Maya and Roli to show everyone that Maya's game is over and Bharawaj family can proceed ahead with Siddhant's last ritual," adds our source.

    "But there was a twist in the tale as Siddhant's dead body goes missing when Roli and Simar brings the body at Bharadwaj house in ambulance and both were clueless about how Siddhant's body goes missing. Actually even that was a plan made by Roli, Maya and Rajveer where Maya hypnotizes Simar (Dipika Samson) and takes Siddhant's body. This is the reason why Roli was not in favor to do investigation for the incident," ends our source.

    How will Simar and Roli get out of this problem?

    To know more keep reading this space!



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