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    Default Roli and Aditi to make a plan to trap Kartik in Colors' Sasural Simar Ka!

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    Sasural Simar Ka is gearing up with an intense drama where Roli and Aditi will catch Kartik red handed who is involved in illegal smuggling of organs.

    Rashmi Sharma production's popular show Sasural Simar Ka is gearing up with an interesting track where Roli (Avika Gor) and Aditi (Neetha Shetty) come to know about Kartik's (Prateek Shukla) involvement in illegal smuggling of organs.

    As per the current track, Roli and Aditi are trying to find out the truth behind Sunaina's murder and they have a doubt that Kartik is responsible behind it. Thus Roli has come down to Ahmedabad to find out the truth.

    Now in the upcoming track the audience will witness how Roli and Aditi make a plan to trap Kartik so that he confesses his crime.

    As per our sources, "Aditi and Roli will make a plan and they will hire a girl who looks like Sunaina. They will scare Kartik by showing him Sunaina's ghost. By doing this Kartik will get scared and will confess his crime but their plan will fail because the girl will not turn up to help them. As they will be waiting for the girl to arrive on the other hand they will keep an eye on Kartik's movement.

    "While keeping an eye at Kartik's house, Aditi will see a girl coming at Kartik's place with a briefcase. He will try to molest the girl by making her unconscious but while molesting her he will slip and will get unconscious. While they will be in an unconscious state, Roli and Aditi will go at the spot and find a box which consists of organs. Here they will come to know that Kartik is a smuggler and deals with the trading of human organs. Roli will take the box along with her," states our source.

    "Later on the audience will get to see that the girl succeeds to elope from Kartik's house who tries to molest her. She elopes but Kartik sends his goons behind her but however, she manages to escape from the place. Meanwhile Simar (Dipika Samson) will see her running and she will try to protect her from the goons," ends our source.

    Will Roli and Simar get to know about Sunaina's murder or Kartik will succeed in hiding the truth?

    Keep reading the space for more updates.



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