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    Default Roli to be accused of attempting to kill Surbhi in Sasural Simar Ka!

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    Sasural Simar Ka is gearing up with a high intense drama where Roli will try to attack Surbhi with a knife.

    Television's popular show Sasural Simar Ka on Colors is gearing up with a high voltage drama. The cat and mouse game though is over in the show, but drama doesn't end here as Prem throws Simar out of the Bharadwaj house.

    As seen in the ongoing track, Simar is possessed by Sunaina's (Neetha Shetty) soul as Sunaina wants Simar (Dipika Samson) to look after her daughter Sanjana and husband Vikrant (Aadesh Chaudhry). On the other hand, Roli (Avika Gor) is trying hard to get her Simar didi back in Bharadwaj house and wants to unite Prem (Dheeraj Dhoopar) and Simar as Prem has married Surbhi (Neha Lakshmi Iyer). Roli comes to know that Simar is possessed by Sunaina's soul. Thus Roli tries to convince Sunaina to leave Simar but Sunaina in return tries to harm Roli.

    Now in the upcoming episode, Roli will attack Surbhi with a knife.

    Our source says, "Roli will get possessed by Sunaina's soul. Sunaina is finding difficulty in accomplishing her plan of conquering Simar's body to stay with Sanjana and Vikrant. Thus she will try to harm Roli by possessing her and will make an attempt to kill Surbhi with a knife. Prem will save Surbhi and the entire Bharadwaj house will come and spot the knife in Roli's hand. Thus the entire blame will be put on Roli that she tried to kill Surbhi as she has taken her sister Simar's place in the family."

    "Roli will feel helpless as she will try to explain but no one in the family will believe her. Surbhi's mother will create a huge drama in the house and will decide to call the police," ends our source.

    How will Roli prove herself? Will Sunaina succeed in her awful plan?

    To know more keep reading the space!



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