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    Default Male leads of Sasural Simar Ka have no qualms playing second fiddle to the fairer sex in the show

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    Hindi television shows are primarily women oriented…but at times we do come across male characters which are substantial enough. But many male actors have accepted and live with the fact that they can only play second fiddle to the fairer sex.

    Sunrise Productions’ Sasural Simar Ka, on Colors, as the name suggests, is about Simar (Dipika Samson) and the other ladies in the house. Though there are male characters in the plot…but usually they are kept in the frame called “sidelined”.

    Hence, we got in touch with a few male characters of this show to know their take on their on-screen better halves hogging all the limelight.

    “Most of the viewers of daily soaps are women… thus the stories too revolve around them. But, I have never felt being sidelined. Since the story depends on the script, hence, at times certain characters get more screen space while the rest have not much to do. But, that’s again fair as the audience cannot just sit and watch a few characters all the time. The others have to come in the forefront,” said Shoaib Ibrahim aka Prem.

    Averred Manish Raisinghani aka Siddharth, “I don’t really sit and think about it. In fact, every holiday is most welcome for me as I have a lot of other things to do.” After a pause he added, “TV is about women and one must take it with a pinch of salt. And at the end of the day, all that matters is that the women are managing to get you the TRPs. Like I always say, ‘sui se kam chal raha hai toh talwar ki kya zarurat hai’ (laughs). And I have no insecurities as we have some lovely ladies performing in the show and we’d let them handle the wheel.”

    Abhishek Sharma aka Sankalp too shared similar views as he observed, “In the practical sense, our show is a female oriented one and has a huge female fan following. That is why they connect to the Simars, Rolis and the Matajis of the soap. We usually joke about this; we call ourselves the Chikni Chamelis of Agneepath as all we have to do is show our looks and go home (laughs).”

    Now we indeed have a very understanding star cast here…



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