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    Default It's 'kid chaos' on the sets of Sasural Simar Ka

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    Kids are a bundle of joy and everyone likes spending time with them. But things get a tad difficult when some kids get to naughty ways when their demands are not met.

    We are sure you’d like to get rid of them at the first opportunity but the cast and crew of Colors’ Sasural Simar Ka (Rashmi Sharma Productions) can’t do any of that.

    We hear that the five little new additions to the cast have made living tough for the entire cast of the show. They cry in chorus and refuse to stop even if the entire crew is on a deadline to deliver the episode. They are troubled, but as it goes with kids, they are also all mushy mushy about it.

    Sharing their grievances here are a few popular Sasural stars…

    “I love kids but they have turned our set into a chaotic place. The interesting thing is that if one kid cries, others join him or her and then you have like four kids (in the Bharadwaj family) crying together with all their strength,” laughed Manish Raisinghani best known as Siddhant.

    “I am missing the younger Anjali she was an angel she never cried on the sets but the new Anjali does not seem to stop crying. These kids live at their own terms and that’s interesting to watch for you know you’re helpless in front of them. You just have to patiently wait till they stop crying and agree to shoot with you again,” averred Jayati Bhatia (Mataji).

    When asked if this does make her angry she confessed, “There are instances where you’re running out of time and they keep crying. It does make one angry but at the same time you realise that they are troubled. They want to get back to their parents and you say to yourself it’s a phase and it will pass.”

    The new Anjali and Arav have become friends with Mataji for they share her breakfast with them but cooperation on the work front is still awaited.

    Falaq Naaz (Jhanvi), who is shown as a mother to a baby boy, seemed to be extremely troubled by her on-screen kid. “The kid that I had earlier never stopped crying no matter what we did so, we replaced him but unfortunately the new one seems to be his twin. I just can’t shoot with him for he cries all day and I forget my lines with all the crying around the place.”

    Kids affecting work doesn’t sound so good!

    Next we questioned Jyotsna Chandola (Khushi) about her motherly role on-screen and she stated, “I am lucky for my on-screen son does not make lots of noise in comparison with the other kids. But I feel Pari (Shweta Sinha) and Shailendra’s (Ssumier S Pastricha) child should have been mine for she loves match-boxes and cards in real life and that’s something that my on-screen character is close to. My boy is a mamma’s boy.”

    Lastly, we spoke to Aadesh Chaudhary (Vikrant Mehta) who luckily has just one kid on his sets, “Kids aren’t used to working environment and that leads to all the cribbing and crying. Like the girl we shoot with wants her mother every five minutes but fortunately for us she has begun jelling with us slowly and steadily.”

    Maybe a kid’s management workshop would do some good to the cast and crew of the show. What say???



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