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    Default Jhanvi goes against Roli's plans; decides to give Shaurya another chance in Colors' Sasural Simar Ka

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    Colors’ Sasural Simar Ka, produced by Rashmi Sharma Productions will see huge drama in the wedding planned by Roli (Avika Gor) and Simar (Dipika Samson) to teach Shaurya (Rohit Khurana) a lesson. Their idea is to send Jhanvi (Falaq Naaz) just before the wedding to Shaurya’s room and get his confession of marrying Jhanvi and then cheating on her recorded in a tape. And just before the wedding, they will play the same tape so that all are aware of Shaurya’s injustice towards Jhanvi. At this point of time, Roli and Simar will seek to get a divorce for Jhanvi from Shaurya. And knowing that Meghna Singhania (Shikha Singh) holds a high prestige, Roli will feel that she would oblige to letting Jhanvi free of her marriage.

    However, Roli and Simar’s plan will turn topsy-turvy when Jhanvi will have second thoughts about seeking a divorce from the man she has loved, Shaurya. Sujata (Nishigandha Wadh) will further advice her to think twice before letting go the man she loves, and also explains to her about the pure institution of marriage.
    So will Jhanvi turn the tables and spoil Roli’s plan?

    Well, the answer is a ‘Yes’. Jhanvi as planned, will go into Shaurya’s room and will have a confrontation with him. In the conversation, Shaurya will get angry over her, but then will also say that the animal in him was aroused when she had slapped him, and he only wanted to avenge her by marrying her. Otherwise, he has no other vengeance over her, and if this slapping incident had not happened, he would have fallen for her charm and beauty. These words in fact will melt the heart of Jhanvi and she will decide to give Shaurya another chance.

    So what will Jhanvi do to stop Roli’s plans from materializing?

    Well, if sources are to be believed, she will lock up Roli who is disguised as the bride Sonia in a room, and will pose to be the bride and will go on to take the saath pheres with Shaurya, much to the shock of the Bharadwaj family who are witnessing the wedding from a distance.

    We tried calling Falaq, but she remained unavailable for comments.

    Will Jhanvi be able to change the animal inside Shaurya and win over him?

    Get ready to see all the drama in Sasural Simar Ka.

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