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    Default The 'hit-hit' relationship between Falaq Naaz and Rohit Khurana

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    One person the pretty looking Falaq Naaz fears on and off the screen is her co-star and on-screen husband in Colors’ Sasural Simar Ka - Rohit Khurana.

    Wondering why? Well, that’s because the actor keeps hitting her both on and off screen.
    Yes!!! We have seen Rohit’s character Shaurya ill-treat his wife Jhanvi (being essayed by Falaq), but read it yourself about their off screen ‘hit’ relationship.

    Falaq has a lot of complaints against Rohit as she tells us, “If I am anywhere near him, I usually get hurt and nobody can change that.”

    How is that? Falaq explains, “He keeps moving his hands all the time, be it while acting or just while talking to someone and every time I am around him, I end up getting hurt.”

    The worst incident so far! The actress exclaims, “We were shooting for this scene where Shaurya was leaving Jhanvi after their wedding and she pleaded him to stay back. There was this moment when she had to hold his leg and he dragged her. During this sequence Rohit’s shoe sole hit my toe nail badly and it cracked. In fact it did not grow for almost two months after that.”

    Awww…That’s bad!!!

    We also hear that the actress has bruises all over her body, courtesy Rohit as he gets too much into his character. “He is so much ‘into’ his scenes that he ends up pulling me too badly.”

    Well, if you readers are thinking that this good looking actor is indeed mean, that’s not true. Clarifies Falaq, “Rohit is a sweet man. He makes it a point to say sorry all the time. Trust me he carries a lot of ‘sorry’ when he is round me. He is a nice co-star and I wish he stays like this always.”

    All we can suggest is – maintain safe distance from Rohit, Falaq (wink wink)!!!



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