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    Default I guess viewers like to see Simar weeping 24*7: Dipika Samson

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    With the success of her Colors’ tearjerker Sasural Simar Ka (Rashmi Sharma Telefilms), Dipika Samson is a big name in the television circuit now. However, his former air hostess-turned-actor has kept a low profile and is not a major party person. On the contrary, she prefers to finish her work and go home.

    We caught up with this Puneite and spoke to her about the ongoing baby track show and her TV career.

    How is the current track with the baby going?

    Superb, I am enjoying it. This is because I love kids and am very good at handling them as well. What has made my job easier is that the baby is happy, playful and non-cranky. Over the time, she has become quite attached to me. I even play with her when my scenes are not there and have some free time.

    Why do you keep crying on the show?

    I know. In fact, the one common comment I have been getting from most of my audience is ‘Simar we love you and also know that you suffer lot; but why do you cry so much?’ I guess the audiences find me very presentable when I cry; hence they want me to weep 24*7. This trend will continue with the baby track as well, as I will need to give her up for the ultimate motive of saving my family. It will be a very painful decision for Simar as she, in the first place, wanted the child very badly.

    Your producers Rashmi Sharma Telefilms has always been delivering good shows.

    When we first began, we did not have great TRPs ( 1.4 TVR); naturally, we were disheartened. But our producer told us to not to lose hope saying that she had full faith in us and in the story too. Slowly and gradually, things started to turn around. Now it’s been a year and half and we continue to rock. The fact that we have lasted so long is no mean feat at a time when most shows go off air in three to four months flat.

    A daily soap can click only when there is team effort. We are very lucky to have a great creative (writer, director etc ) and a technical team (cameraman, sound dada and spot) supported by talented actors. What binds us together is the fire in our belly to deliver a superb product. This success gives a newcomer like me lots of encouragement to even push the envelope further.

    How do you see your journey from an airhostess to a TV star?

    Well, all along, I have been a blessed person. All of you may be knowing that I began with Devi ( Imagine TV) that sadly ended within a month of me entering the show. But then ,I was very fortunate to get Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo within a week. Once that Zee TV show ended, I landed on SSK (Sasural Simar Ka) in a short span. I feel that the TV industry has opened its arms to me and I feel very good to be a part of it.

    How has the experience of working with Avika Gor been?

    At first, I was apprehensive and reluctant about working with ‘the’ Avika for she was already a star (Balika Vadhu). But the fears were just in my mind. I am thankful that she jelled very well with me and made me very comfortable. I treat her like my younger sister.

    Would you be game to do a non-fiction show along with Sasural Simar Ka?

    If I have the time, I would love to do a dance reality show for I love this art form. It is kind of a hobby and a stress buster for me. But yes, I would do it only if it does not hamper SSK and Simar, who is now my life.

    Can you recollect a recent funny incident on sets that you wish to share with our readers?

    (pauses) A few days ago we needed to shoot a scene where the baby cries. But that day, she had taken her inoculation shots and hence was very sleepy. Whenever her mother would try to wake her, she would get up, weep a bit and immediately doze off again. It was a really funny and cute moment. But finally director sir managed to get a few shots.

    How similar are you to Simar in real life?

    The one big difference between Simar and me is that I am very talkative and notorious on the set; I do lots of masti with all my co-stars.

    Which other genre would you want to work in whenever SSK ends?

    I pray that the next daily I get, would allow me to laugh.

    There is lot of talk about your personal life?

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