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    Default Gripped by insecurity, Surbhi to attack Simar in Colors' Sasural Simar Ka

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    Loyal viewers of Colors’ Sasural Simar Ka (Rashmi Sharma Productions) have been witnessing some cute sequences between Prem (Dheeraj Dhoopar) and Simar (Dipika Samson) and this has really opened up thoughts of whether the love birds would again unite.

    However, Surbhi (Neha Laxmi Iyer) would not let it happen, as she will be overcome with insecurity.

    As per a source, “In the episodes to come, she will attack Simar from behind with a knife.”

    From the ongoing track, one can easily make out that Surbhi has been upset with the fact that Simar is back in Prem’s life. She would want to put an end to this, and thus will plan to kill Simar. Her basic thought process will be that with Simar being alive, she would never end up getting Prem’s love and attention.

    So what would Surbhi do?

    She will spot Prem and Simar meeting over coffee, and this will trouble her a lot. Immediately, she will come with a knife and will try to stab Simar, when Simar will turn back. Simar will be shocked to see Surbhi attacking her.

    The source further adds, “Surbhi will have a very frank conversation with Simar, wherein she will tell her that she should get away from Prem’s life. Simar will try to convince her that she has always been away from his life, but the girl would not be ready to accept whatever she would say. Soon after, Prem will come to the place and Simar will make it very clear to him that he should not develop any feelings for her, and that he would have to live his life with his wife Surbhi.”

    Will this mean that Simar will decide to get married to Vikrant (Aadesh Chaudhary)?

    We tried calling Neha Laxmi and Dheeraj, but could not get through to them.

    Watch this space for more updates.



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