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    Default "I like the way I dress up in the show" : Shweta Sinha

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    Pari aka Shweta Sinha of Colors’ popular show Sasural Simar Ka talks about her character, her journey with the show and her biggest achievement so far with us…

    Shweta Sinha who plays the character of Pari in Sasural Simar Ka, is happy about her character which has given her lots of shades to portray in the show. We spoke to the pretty actress to know more about her journey as Pari and her future plans in this candid conversation.

    Talking about her journey as Pari, Shweta shared, "I am very happy with my character in the show Sasural Simar Ka because generally it happens that a character turns out something later with the progress of the show but my character of Pari hasn't turned out to be something else. They were searching for Pari for so long and when I came for the look test, I was told that it's going to be a character of a fashionable bahu so I was very excited to play this character. Anyone would like to play a role of a younger bahu who is fashionable. I bagged the character of my choice and it started well making people like the character. I have played a variety of roles throughout in my career right from playing a negative role to comedy roles. In the show Sasural Simar Ka; I have been dominating my husband. I try to show off to my family that I belong to a high class family. At the same time, I respect elders also. My mom has been introduced in the show and I am sharing a very good bonding with her and getting good feedback for our on-screen chemistry too."

    When asked Shweta about her character of Pari, she said, "It's a very strong character. Pari belongs to a high class family and later I come to Bhardwaaj family. She is very beauty conscious and she always wants to look good over others. My way of dressing is liked by everyone too. I am the only one who wears a Salwar Kameez in the family but that too in a very fashionable style. I like the way I dress up in the show."

    Being a good cook, Shweta treats everyone on the sets with the dishes prepared by her and she says, "I share a very good bonding with everyone on the sets. I get appreciations for my cooking from everyone on the sets as I keep treating everyone with the dishes prepared by me on the sets. After our shot gets over, we all sit in a group and we share our experiences with each other. We get to learn a lot from our senior actors through their experiences."

    Being a part of Sasural Simar Ka is the biggest achievement for her so far, "Sasural Simar Ka is my biggest achievement. It's a turning point for my career. We have completed 700 episodes recently and I haven't done something bigger like this before. The show has given me everything and I am really enjoying my work. I love to work with such wonderful and known people around me. I miss them a lot even if I won't go on the sets for a day," says Shweta.

    When asked Shweta about her future plans, she said, "I will continue with TV in future also. I haven't planned really for films but I will take it up if I will get something good but as of now, my main focus will be TV only. It's not necessary for me to play only lead roles; what matters for me the most is the character which people love, appreciate and I should be able to do justice with the character."

    Way to go Shweta!



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