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    Default Dipika Samson and Shoaib Ibrahim engulfed in flames of love

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    Forget the Olympics, for the real game is on between Dipika Samson and Shoaib Ibrahim. The media did report a lot about the alleged “closeness” between Dipika and Shoaib who play the leads in Colors’ Sasural Simar Ka (Sunrise Productions). It was also reported that Dipika was engulfed in love flames and went ahead to file for divorce with husband Raunak Mehta. Raunak is a pilot by profession.

    Now, reports are not clear whether Dipika and Raunak are officially separated or not, but our sources have informed that Dipika has moved out of her conjugal life and is currently staying with her mother at Mira Road, Mumbai.

    And the spice is that Dipika and Shoaib are head over heels in love with each other.

    On the sets, Dipika and Shoaib always linger around together. Even if Dipika doesn’t have a shooting schedule, she prefers staying on the sets in order to be around her beau, Shoaib.

    “They stay aloof, separated and on their own even when we hold meetings and group discussions,” the source went on to say.

    Like true lovebirds, they always take care of each other. Dipika keeps a notice whether Shoaib has had food or not; or the kind of dresses he is wearing, both on and off screen.

    Hmm…quite interesting. No wonder the duo has a superb romantic chemistry on-screen as well.

    We got in touch with Shoaib who said, “I have a very good bonding with Abhishek Sharma (one of the co stars) too. But then some people just like creating gossip out of nothing. The one, who has told you this, about us, definitely does not have much to do in life.”

    “We do come on the sets on our off days as there are times when I have to show my family the shooting or Dipika has a friend who wants to see shooting. Apart from that we also have our look tests on certain days. We are good friends and we will stay that way. These rumours will not affect our friendship,” he ended.

    Dipika on the other hand remained unavailable for comment.

    Well…it seems things are going steady and pretty comfy between Dipika and Shoaib. We wish them a love-filled year ahead!!!



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