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    Default Baa is the real culprit behind Sunaina's death in Sasural Simar Ka!

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    Sunaina’s murder mystery will soon be revealed in Colors popular show Sasural Simar Ka.

    Rashmi Sharma Telefilms popular show Sasural Simar Ka is leaving no stone unturned to spice up the drama.

    As Kartik's real face has been revealed in front of Roli (Avika Gor) and Aditi, now another interesting twist is coming up to amuse the viewers. Till now Simar(Dipika Samson), Aditi and Roli are in full swing to know about Sunaina's death. As they have come closer to unveil the real culprit, on the other hand Simar and Roli will be shocked to learn about Aditi who is a ghost and has been helping them to reveal the culprit's face.

    Now the audience will not have to wait more as the culprit's face behind Sunaina's murder will be unveiled. She is none other than Vikrant's Baa (Minal Karpe).

    According to the sources, "Baa is responsible for the death of Sunaina and she confesses this in front of Simar when she blames and goes to punish Kartik. Roli and Simar are suspicious about Kartik for Sunaina's murder and when they confront Kartik, Baa comes and tells the truth to Simar that she has killed Sunaina. Baa challenges Simar regarding the same."

    "Simar will try to confront Baa in front of Vikrant (Aadesh Chaudhry) but he will not believe her as he has blind faith on Baa and he don't want to listen anything against her. Instead he thinks Simar is making stories just to get rid from his family," adds the source.

    But how and why does Baa kill Sunaina? Here is the answer...

    "Baa pushes Sunaina from mountain because of hatred against her. She kills her because Vikrant used to love her madly. Baa pretends to be nice in front of him but hates him to the core and wants to hurt him," ends our source.

    Now it will be very interesting to see if Simar succeeds in making Vikrant realize about Baa's intentions or not?

    Keep reading this space for more updates.



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