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    Default Acting is my Passion: Manish Raisinghania.

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    We in talks with Manish Raisinghania...

    One of the handsome hunks of our telly industry Manish Raisinghania who is seen playing the role of 'Siddharth' in Colors' 'Sasural Simar Ka', gets candid with us…

    Lets have a look at the answers he gave for our questions….

    You are obsessed about?
    I am obsessed about Learning. I have a curious mind which is like a sponge which loves to soak in the surroundings. Learning leads to growth, now-a-days its not only important to be the jack of all the traits but it is more important to be the master of all.

    A well spent holiday is like?
    Anywhere with my family and loved ones: doing anything from chilling, relaxing to gaming and playing sports.

    If you were invisible for a day?
    If I was invisible for a day I would use that capability to work for Jullian Assange(owner of Wikileaks) and know the biggest secrets of world politics and so also the jackpot of the highest paid agent of the world. I should portray the Sindhi side of me of earning money even though invisible (smiles).

    If you were the prime minister for a day?
    I would play around with the priority of things for a while. I would bring back the black money first which is lying in Swiss Bank and belongs to our poor Indian tax payers. I will definitely not just sit back playing the blame game about who was responsible for the scam and wasting my energy on attacking the whistle blowers and defending the culprits. Of cource to bring the culprit in the limelight is more important but obviously if my friend meets with an accident than I will firstly save my friend and then find out the culprit before running behind him and put my friend's life at stake.

    The festival you love the most?
    I love all the festivals firstly because it adds spice to our lives and gives us a reason to celebrate. Secondly it connects every religion. We celebrate Eid and Diwali with all our friends in the unit at shoot together without questioning whom it belongs to.

    Your favorite hang-out place?
    My house. Trust me that is the most fun filled place, not just for me but for all who have been here. You will find every game and gadget that will amuse you and how can you forget me(laughs) as your host. In short my house is a fun place and that makes it my favorite hangout destination.

    The social networking site you use the most?
    Facebook but I barely use that because I am so busy with my real life that there is no time to be a part of virtual worlds.

    Your first debut on television?
    'Kahin Kissi Roz' which was aired on Star Plus.

    How emotional are you? Rate on the scale of I to 5…
    5 on 5 for the people who are connected to me and 3 on 5 for others. So yes I am an above average emotional person.

    Your dream destination?
    Keeps changing every now and then but my next holiday would definitely be Australia and New-Zealand for some crazy adventure sports.

    Diet for you is?
    It is totally meaningless to me because I eat anything and everything under the sun at anytime of the day or night. So this is basically a question that doesn't go for a foodie like me. But ideally what I can preach and not practice is that one should have a nice balanced healthy diet to stay fit(laughs).

    Any ongoing show on television you would want to be a part of? (Except your show).
    I would love to be the lead of the Sony channel's daily soap 'Badde Acche Lagte Hai', it is one of the cutest love story made on television.

    Acting to you is?
    Acting is my passion. Cinema and Television is all about creating a dream world. I am lucky to be a part of this industry where I can create dreams and I love every bit of my work whether behind or in front of the camera (smiles).

    If not an actor you would be?
    An engineer or a scientist. Engineer as I'm basically a mechanical engineer and I have worked as an engineer too. A scientist because I have a very high inclination towards innovation.

    A quote you follow in life?
    Lots of them but what tops my mind right now is "you rather be sincere than serious"! This statement reflects me, so I pretty much like it. I rather have fun written on my face and sincerity reflecting in my work!



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