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    Default Aadesh Chaudhary's 'long wait' for Vikrant's role in Sasural Simar Ka

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    Aadesh Chaudhary, the man who deserves a pat for some quality work on Indian television, recently made a heroic entry in Colors’ Sasural Simar Ka (Rashmi Sharma Productions).

    An entry which we usually witness in Hindi movies – a man moving out of a posh vehicle wearing a chic suit, camera tilting up from his boots to his glares and finally exposing his face.

    Super shot!!!

    That was definitely a wow moment for our telly star, who is all game, to play Simar’s (Dipika Samson) new husband in this dramatic tale.

    In a recent conversation with Aadesh, we learnt that the actor was approached to essay various characters on Sasural over a period of one and a half years but he kept declining the offers for they did not appeal to him as a creative person.

    But when the role of Vikrant Mehta was thrown at him he couldn’t resist but shake hands with the makers to finalise the deal.

    “It’s a very different role and I liked it too much to not take it. In fact, my fans are appreciating my performance a lot. I haven’t performed much yet but they are already flattered by Vikrant’s personality,” confessed the actor.

    When quizzed about his equation with his pretty co-star Dipika he averred, “It’s been good so far. We discuss our scenes and she helps me with the sequences whenever there is need for some advice (as she has been on the show from day one). She is also a very nice human being.”

    Do you share your tiffin with her? “Actually I have my diet chart in place so; I eat much before the lunch break that’s why we haven’t been able to eat together.”

    What’s in store for the audiences? “A lot of things will be revealed in the coming weeks. So, there are a lot of surprises waiting to entertain them.”

    We wish you luck with the show Aadesh!



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