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    Default Aadesh Chaudhary talks about his Hong Kong experience

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    Having just returned from Hong Kong after a special shoot for Sasural Simar Ka, Aadesh Chaudhary is still reminiscing the fun moments he experienced in the city. The drama show on Colors by Rashmi Sharma Productions has Aadesh playing Vikrant, whose entry added lot more spice to the plot.

    Sharing some details about his trip, Aadesh quips, “It was one of the most wonderful trips I have had in recent times. Apart from work, I got time to experience the beauty of the city and also indulge in shopping.”

    “There were variant markets selling some really wonderful products, I got an opportunity to check them out. The special leather market had some really wonderful items and I got a bagful for my family. Also my niece is quite young, so got her some pretty Barbie dolls. And yes I got so many wonderful caps for myself. I don’t usually wear caps, but these were so stylish and funky that I bought them all (laughs),” he adds.

    Talking about the city, Aadesh exclaims, “It is a congested place but very structural. It is very clean and people there obey all the rules and regulations, unlike us. Since I decided on exploring the city alone, I had some problems with the language, but there were a number of Srilankan and Bangladeshi people, who knew English. Apart from them it was scary getting no reactions from the localites on my queries.”

    “Since Dipika (Samson) was suffering from dengue, she could not accompany us and that lead to an easy schedule for me. Being an adventurous person, I decided on taking metros and the help of maps to go around the city. I would aimlessly walk checking out the places and would return to the hotel. I have become a pro with the metros there. I also went to Disney Land which was an amazing experience for sure.”

    Also did he enjoy the Chinese cuisine? “Not really, there food is quite different from ours. I enjoy Chinese food in India, but there I got stuck to Indian veg food. I did not want to risk eating something odd. Their taste of tea is also very different and I would get milk from the shops and put it in tea.”

    Aadesh recalls the fun he had while shooting for a dramatic scene in a terrace. “In a drunken state I had to profess my love for Simar and the dummy who was standing for her was laughing all along not being able to understand the language. It was really a hilarious time for us that day. I am really missing Hong Kong a lot.”

    Well Aadesh apna desh is no less, what say?



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