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    Default A day out for Sahara One's stars!

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    The lead actors of Sahara One’s popular shows enjoyed having a day out at Alibagh…

    Daily soap actors hardly get a day off out of their busy hectic schedule. The lead actors of Sahara One got this opportunity to get some time to relax after getting a day off out of their busy schedule. The lead actors were given a day off and they were taken for a trip to Alibagh where the actors pampered themselves in the Radisson Blue Spa and at the resort out there.

    The actresses enjoyed themselves by playing some outdoor games, doing some pool side activities and also pampering their nerves with the spa treatment. The lead actors of Sahara One show were seen in donning track pants and vests and they competed with each other in the game of football. After sweating it out, they relaxed beside the pool.

    We talked to Sanjeeda Shaikh, who was having a blast and enjoying the moment to the fullest with her co actors Reshmi Ghosh and Giriraj Kabra. Sanjeeda told us, "I am having a blast here. It's a nice ambiance in Radisson. We have got this wonderful opportunity out of our hectic shooting schedule."

    The evening concluded with both the female and male protagonists at Razzmatazz where they let their hair down by shaking their legs to the best of Bollywood songs.



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