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    Default Vardhanís dream team to hit a crisis situation in Channel Vís Sadda Haq

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    It seems nothing is going right for Prof Vardhan (Krip Suri) and his dream team in Channel Vís Sadda Haq- My Life My Choice (Beyond Dreams Entertainment). After getting a new dean Maya (Swati Taldar) in the college, Vardhan would now be in a difficult situation as his team would fall for Mayaís evil plans.

    Maya who is against Vardhan would hitch a plan where she would cancel Vardhanís objectives of getting his dream team get a good project. Although disheartened Vardhan would decide to work on fulfilling his aim.

    Shares a source, ďVardhan would get five sponsors who would be able to help his team. He will ask his students to work on a car model which would be presented to the sponsors.Ē

    The students will all get excited and assure Vardhan that they would definitely win this task too and get the sponsors. The happy man will be feeling proud when a new shock would be awaiting him.

    Vardhan would be informed by one of his students that instead of five weeks, the sponsors will be coming tomorrow to test his studentsí skills. The news will shock Vardhan and this team to the core.

    Will Vardhanís dream team succeed in making the car model?

    We tried reaching Krip but he was unavailable to comment.



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