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    Default "Summers are also meant for chilling at beaches." - Param Singh

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    TV actor Param Singh tells us how he tries to beat the heat and also talks about his summer plans.

    Summer is here and along with it the rise in mercury which means everyone starts feeling the heat. Our TV celebs too are not spared and here they give tips related to summer and also share what they like and dislike about this season. We got in touch with the dashing actor Param Singh who is seen in Sadda Haq on Channel V to talk about the same.

    Here is Param sharing his likes and dislikes about summers...

    Do you like anything about summer?
    I like summer because we get to wear light clothes. We can wear chappals and go out and as we stay in Mumbai, we anyways don't get to see winter season here. But there are many things which I don't like about summer. So I am actually confused that I like summer or not. (Laugh)

    Summers are meant for... Vacations which we used to get in college and school but now all seasons are same as we don't get any vacations and summers are also meant for chilling at beaches.

    The perfect summer wear for me is... Shorts, T-shirt, Cap and Scarf. Basically I prefer wearing light color clothes during summer.

    Shooting during summer is... No matter which season it is, shooting is always hectic and tiring while shooting indoor and outdoor both. In summer we feel hot and dehydrated and in winter we feel extremely cold.

    Things I carry along during summer... Water bottle, sunscreen, glares and scarf.

    My favorite summer drink is... There is no specific favorite drink but if I have to select one then I would go for Nariyal Pani (Coconut Water).

    My travel destination during summer is... I would prefer going to a place where the climate is cooler may be I will prefer going to Lonavala or to my favorite place where I used to go frequently that is Goa .

    My beauty regime during summer is... I don't follow any beauty regime.

    My diet during summer is... I eat healthy and light; I don't smoke at all and booze rarely. I drink lots of water and try to stay indoors, so that I don't get dehydrated, I eat lots of fruits in my meal and I avoid eating non-vegetarian food during summer.

    My fitness regime during summer is... I always make sure to keep myself fit, so I do yoga, cardio and I do meditation every day.

    One summer tip... Take your family to an exotic places likes beaches to chill and enjoy vacation. Try to stay indoors between 12pm to 4 pm. Wear shades and apply sunscreen whenever you go out and drink lots of water.



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