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    Default Sanyukta to walk on burning coal on Channel V's Sadda Haq

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    The tech fest on Channel Vís Sadda Haq: My Life My Choice (Beyond Dreams Entertainment) has been testing the valour and talent of kids quite efficiently.

    In the coming episodes viewers will get to see Sanyuktaís (Harshita Gaur) bravery put to test in a deadly competition. The girl will be asked to walk on burning coal to prove her mettle (quite scary).

    Sanyukta has always been a smart girl. She has always found solutions to challenges thrown at her. But this time she will find herself in a tight spot. Vardhan Sir (Krip Suri) and Ranveer (Param Singh) will also be at a loss citing that this time Sanyukta will fail in her task.

    But fans should not feel disappointed as the girl will find a way out this time around too.

    Informs a source, ďEverything has a solution and being an intelligent girl Sanyukta will use her knowledge to deal with the scenario. Viewers will be amazed by the trick she will use to win the competition.Ē

    What will the trick be?

    We tried reaching Harshita for answers but she remained unavailable.



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