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    Default Sanyukta and Randhir to get together to fight the CITE team in Channel V's Sadda Haq

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    When you are out on a mission, personal differences do not matter much and this is what the leads of Channel V’s numero uno show Sadda Haq- My Life My Choice (Beyond Dreams) will finally realise. Sanyukta (Harshita Gaur) and Randhir (Param Singh), who are out in the village as part of their college project along with their professor Vardhan (Krip Suri), will be sweating it out to win the competition.

    As viewers know, Vardhaan’s FITE and Kabir’s (Zohaib Siddiqui) CITE teams are out in a battle to help the villagers by inventing something of their use. And the going has been very difficult for both the teams as something or other has caused hindrance to their project. Added to that has been the animosity between both the leaders regarding their past.

    Also with Sanyukta and Randhir always at loggerheads, it had been a problem for their team (FITE) to build up something constructive. Now the duo will also realise the same and decide to work together and win the competition.

    Informs a source, “Randhir will be working quite efficiently with his team but his only concern will be his and Sanyukta’s angry bantering.”

    They will thus decide to work separately. But Sanyukta will soon realise that this will not help and she will ask Randhir to work together with her and the team together.
    Will this step work for their benefit? Or will Sanyukta and Randhir once again fight?

    We called up Harshita who said, “You will have to wait and watch how the two team up and work for better.”

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    good for both



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