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    Default Sale is confusion - Param Singh

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    The dashing and smart Param Singh has newly stepped into the television industry and within no time he has managed to charm the audience as Randhir in Channel V's popular youth show, Sadda Haq - My Life, My Choice. In conversation with the talented actor, Param gives some fashion tips in our lifestyle section.

    Fashion is

    Fashion is comfort.

    Who chooses your clothes?

    My mother and sister choose my clothes. I do not even need to go shopping as they know my likes and dislikes.

    Do you wear accessories?

    I am fond of watches.

    Do you follow any brands?

    Yes. I tend to buy a lot of things from Armani.

    Favourite shopping destination?

    I like shopping from Oxford Street in London.

    Your most expensive buy?

    My most expensive buy is the shoes I bought from Louis Vuitton. I also have some expensive watches.

    Clothes you are comfortable in?

    I am most comfortable in jeans and casual t-shirts.

    Must have in your wallet?

    Money is a must have in my wallet.

    Your favourite perfume?

    I love wearing fragrances from Tom Ford.

    Describe sale in one word?

    Sale is confusion.

    Currently your wardrobe is overflowing with?

    I love denims, so my wardrobe overflows with that.

    You have had the hardest time getting dressed for?

    I had a hard time getting dressed during my graduation ceremony.

    Any fashion disaster you have come across recently?

    Not that I can recollect at the moment.

    If you had to choose a fashion era; which period would it be?

    I love the era of the 70s.



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