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    Default Sadda Haq is doing a great job in showcasing the true qualities of women - Kushabh Manghani

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    The good looking Kushabh Manghani, who recently appeared in Love By Chance, is known for his devilish avatar in Channel Vs Sadda Haq: My Life My Way (Beyond Dreams Entertainment).

    Talking about the same, the young lad quips, I wish the track continued the way it opened up. I know the show is not based on me but of course as an actor I hope to take my characters to a different level and I am hoping the shows creatives will work towards it (smiles). But I am thankful that the show gave me a chance to get recognized and people got to know about the actor in me.

    So how is it playing a negative role? Initially I was confused about taking up the role but then this has been the best learning experience for me. Everyone in the team has been of great help. People have enjoyed my character and complimented me for the role. Although they hate my character they love me as an actor and that is a great accolade for me.

    Although the actor plays the evil brother in the show, we asked how he is as a brother in real life. I am quite a chilled out guy in real life and although I dont have a own sister, I have loads of cousins. My character may be over dominating but I am quite a good brother in real life.

    And finally what does he have to say about women empowerment? I feel its great because women have equal right to every possible thing that is given to men. And I feel women actually have the courage to overpower men in all spheres. I think Sadda Haq is doing a great job in showcasing the true qualities of women.

    Well said Kushabh!



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