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    Default Will Randhir prove to be Sanyukta’s saviour in Channel V’s Sadda Haq?

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    Challenges and struggles have become a constant companion of Sanyukta (Harshita Gaur) in Channel V’s Sadda Haq: My Life My Choice (Beyond Dreams Entertainment).

    In the coming episodes, gear up to see Sanyukta meet a major issue in her life. Sanyukta, who has taken up a place on rent, will soon find herself homeless. The landlord will come to her place one fine day and tell her to vacate the place due to non-payment of dues.

    States a source, “The landlord would get to know about Sanyukta’s family problems and with her having no money; he would decide to throw her out of the house. Sanyukta would be shocked to know this but would not know what to do next.”

    As the landlord would be rebuking Sanyukta and asking her to leave, our hero Randhir (Param Singh) would come and he will have an altercation with the landlord. He would tell him that he cannot throw Sanyukta out and that he (Randhir) would pay up the house rent.

    What will Randhir do now? Will he manage to pay the rent?

    We called Param but he remained unavailable.



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